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Image by Wade Morgen
Inspiration: Here plus Here.

This really is the number one I may do with this picture. I know a great deal of errors are prepared. A objective for the year is to boost my Photoshop abilities.

The above pictures were taken inside 2011. They represent an significant improvement inside my photography or an significant memory. Starting at the best with all the Louisville Skyline plus moving clock-wise:

Louisville Skyline 3.0 – August 14: This picture was taken off the train bridge within the Indiana side of the river. Justin plus I had a wise time which evening striving skyline pictures.

Lonely House – July 9: Taken inside Fern Creek, close Justin’s home. We stayed out late taking photos, however, I regretted it because shortly because I woke up plus was forced to attend 7am swim practice.

Liz – November 6: Although this senior picture of Liz is possibly the greatest senior picture I took this year, it represents the company I helped establish this year. I learned a lot regarding how to manage a company and also keeping consumers happy plus modifying images timely. Although no longer a joint company, you continue shooting independently.

Into the Unknown – January 16: Instead of resting before prelims plus finals for a swim meet inside Indianapolis, Justin plus I went exploring of the IUPUI campus. This really is a cat walk leading from the hotel to the campus (that eventually cause the pool should you properly navigate the tunnels).

Jumping found on the Beach – July 28: Never published publicly about Flickr (yet), my sister likes this photograph. It was taken found on the beach of Lake Michigan, close my grandmothers next apartment. We invested hours found on the beach striving to receive the pic she desired. The morning, you went back plus tried other pictures. Those limited days found on the beach using my sister helped me recognize the issues of using models.

Keep Louisville Symphonic – January 29: Justin plus I were the designated photographers for the concert, thus you had backstage access. It had been a great deal of fun plus you got certain pictures about their website for a time.

Jack Thompson Swim Meet 2011 – October 23: Justin plus I were provided the chance to take pictures of the Lakeside Seahawks plus market the pictures. We created superior income, however it was difficult plus stressful function. I hope you do it again, it became a remarkable understanding experience.

Another picture, not pictured above, is this one. The pic itself refuses to imply much to me, nonetheless, the time period does.

In 2011, I changed nearly all of my photography equipment. I bought the Nikon d300s, 24mm f/2.8, Sigma 50mm f/1.4, 70-200mm f/2.8, a unique tripod, along with a MacBook Pro. Having the new equipment is superb considering I am capable to take pictures which were earlier impossible plus boost the images that have been earlier potential. A few more lenses plus flashes is bought soon.

Nikon d300s
24mm f/2.8

Project 366 #1. I wish to complete the project this time. . . .

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